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2019 Flooring Trends For Upgrading Your Home

28th February 2019

Are you ready to switch up the look of your house? Do you want to make your home look fresh and new again? Installing new floors is an excellent way to change the entire design of any room. We give you the top trending floor styles for this year so that you can find a style you love. The last option we cover in this article might surprise you.

Herringbone patterns are classy and timeless

Creating a pattern on your floor steps up any design a notch or two. For example, a plain bathroom floor will draw attention when you use an ornate mosaic tile to outline the sink and tub. Chevron and herringbone look wonderful when you use this design with hardwood floors. You can use the angle of the wood to point to a feature or help draw the eye through the room. You can use tile to create this design as well as hardwood or stone.

Geometric shapes jazz up neutral palettes

Patterned carpet, custom cut tiles, and hardwoods can all be useful to create a floor feature that will have all of your guests talking. A popular trend is a shape within a shape. For instance, an octagon with two more octagons on the outside of it is intriguing when each shape is a different color. Even if you use a muted gray or beige, these shapes can provide another layer of interest with high and low spots.

Textures add dimension

Shaw Floors shows an example of dimensional carpet in this video. When you want to create a comforting atmosphere in your home, then using textured carpet might be the way to go. You can select from carpet, vinyl flooring, and stone to get the feeling you want. Textured tiles and stone in the kitchen and bathroom can prevent slipping, but these floors require extra maintenance.

Green flooring is important

If you are consciously trying to be a good steward of the environment, then the materials used for your flooring are important to you. We have several options with recycled materials and sustainable resources in this section. You can look for LEED-compliant products to get you started on your search for green flooring.


Low VOC fabrics and adhesives are available for many carpets. An emerging trend is the use of food containers and natural materials to make carpet. For instance, sugar stalks and drink cartons are two of the most widely used products for green carpets from top manufacturers like Mohawk says HGTV.


Manufacturers making engineered hardwoods are using as much as 75 percent recycled materials to create green flooring options for builders and homeowners. Reclaimed wood from wine barrels and old farmhouses continue to be popular this year. The distressed look and rich stains are favorite ways to finish the flooring. Certified wood options like exotic tiger woods help protect these tree species and continue to provide a striking flooring option for your home.


Although cork is a wood product, this environmentally friendly product deserves a shout out because of its sustainability. This material is non-toxic and great for people who have problems with allergies. The downside to cork is it must have a good coat of sealer every five years or so.

Luxury vinyl tiles

These tiles often mimic other flooring types like wood. This material is easy to customize and comes in a variety of patterns including stone and marble. The best part about LVT flooring is it is much less expensive than purchasing marble tiles. The material is also lighter making it a better solution for homes with weight restrictions. Installation is faster because vinyl is not as heavy as marble or stone flooring.

Antibacterial flooring

This flooring option is appealing to many parents because of the technology behind the material. One ceramic option is coated with a chemical that reacts with sunlight inhibiting the growth of bacteria and helping keep the floors cleaner for longer. New technologies in flooring are happening every day, so keeping current on flooring trends and materials is important when you invest in residential properties or want to upgrade your home with the leading products.

Upgrading your home means choosing a design that works for you and makes your home look fresh. Going with green materials can make your home more environmentally friendly and help you sleep better at night. When looking to create a luxurious design, then textured flooring and luxury vinyl tiles can be the best direction to begin. Patterned and textured tiles add depth to your space and help you create a cohesive design. You can use the pattern to help you select accent pieces or vice versa. Patterns work well in neutral and bold tones giving you plenty of options for updating all the rooms in your home. You can choose different colors to break up the rooms. On the flip side, using the same flooring throughout your house might save you some money by buying in bulk. You have many options to update with this year’s flooring trends.